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Logo da Embaixada do Brasil em Berlim

Brazilian Embassy in Berlin






The Embassy of Brazil in Berlin is an important partner of the Apoena Network, having encouraged and supported its formation since the beginning. The initiative is part of the current policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foster and strengthen networks of Brazilian diasporas of science, technology and innovation (ST&I) in various countries around the world. The Ministry recognizes the huge potential for contribution of this public to the development and internationalization of Brazilian science.


Particularly in Germany, the actions of mobilization and engagement had as a milestone the 1st Meeting of the Brazilian Diaspora of Science & Innovation in Germany, in February 2021, which attracted hundreds of researchers. Since then, the Embassy supports all Brazilian researchers in Germany interested in cooperation with Brazil and, in particular, the Apoena Network.

Andre Matarazzo

We thank Andre Matarazzo for his support in structuring the network and for creating our logo.


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