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The Apoena Network


Connect researchers from different areas of knowledge, aiming at fostering collaboration between Brazil and Germany. 

Welcoming - Collaboration - Diversity

We, as members of the Brazilian ST&I diaspora in Germany:

  • We believe in the progress of scientific knowledge through cooperation between Brazil and Germany.

  • We want to welcome all Brazilian researchers in Germany.

  • We want to maintain and build bridges between the two countries.

  • We believe in the synergistic power of collaboration between institutions, areas of knowledge and people.

  • We are committed to disseminating the scientific work we carry out to a wide audience.



In one of the first meetings of the group, the question arose: “what will the network be called”?
It was our first challenge:: to create an interesting name, sound and easy-to-remember. As researchers who usually need to create names and acronyms for their projects, we started a saga:
RePeBA - Network of Brazilian Researchers in Germany
DiPeBA- Diaspora of Brazilian Researchers in Germany
REPBA - Network of Brazilian Students and Researchers in Germany


As much as we tried, we couldn't get out of the 'eba' and 'peba'. There were weeks and weeks of frustrated attempts, until Guilherme, tired of the search for perfect acronyms, presented the suggestion 'Apoena,' which, in Tupi-Guarani, means “one who sees further”. As we believe in the power of connection as a way to see further and reach new spaces, we agreed that it was a perfect name for the network. It is able to express our mission of connecting people, identifying opportunities and fostering scientific knowledge through collaboration.


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